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Testbed testing results

This site contains testing results of high-speed protocols.



  • HyStart results with different clock resolutions are available.

Real Deployment Results

Experimental results

Dummynet Testbed Results

Experimental results with net-2.6.25-rc3 (CUBIC v2.2)

Experimental results with net-2.6.22.git (David S. Miller's git tree)

SACK processing efficiency

Experimental results with kernel 2.6.18-rc4 with the CUBIC v2.1 patch

Experimental results with kernel 2.6.13 with the following patches: BIC patch CUBIC v2.0 patch SACK patch

  • Fairness, convergence time, RTT fairness, and TCP friendliness with and without background traffic Technical ReportResults
  • Stability testing results of High-speed protocols [1]

NS2 Simulation Results

Other Groups' work


Internet Drafts

External Links

  • TcpProbe [2]
  • Nettem [3]
  • A Linux TCP implementation for NS2 [4]
  • Web100 Project [5]
  • GIT HowTo [6] [7] [8]
  • TCP Tuning Guide [9]
  • Enabing High Performance Data Transfers [10]
  • PERT (Performance) Guide [11]
  • The International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003

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